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About Us

Competitive Technical Services is a brokerage firm that was established in 2016 with the dedication to deliver cost efficient shipping services.  Competitive Technical Services leverages technology, talented people, strategic management and exceptional customer service to enhance its Customer’s business capabilities.  Competitive Technical Services strives to help organizations of any size with staying competitive by centralizing transportation management, reducing its shipping cost and achieving on-time deliveries.

Competitive Technical Services enhances its Customers business with the following:

  • Transportation planning that meets your demand and schedule
  • Broker shipping rates within your budget
  • Efficient transportation logistics integrated with your supply chain model
  • Procurement of dependable and compliant carriers
  • Transparency of shipping activities
  • Effective customer, carrier and vendor relationship management

Competitive Technical Services is led by Jonathan Polk, a successful IT Leader with 20 years of experience within the transportation industry.  His expertise span across multiple functional areas such as operations, marketing, finance and accounting.  Jonathan’s experience includes serving domestic and international corporate customers. He supported solutions that enabled $2 billion dollars of annual revenue for a major transportation firm.  Jonathan acquired a Bachelors in IS from the University of Texas at Dallas and a MBA from the University of North Texas.  One of his greatest accomplishments is that he served in the United States Army.